Herb School Memorial

These pieces are all commemorations of the late Herb School. The Herb School will live on in our hearts and memories. If you would like a physical reminder of the Herb School, please bid on one of these pieces. They are all original, one-of-a-kind, never to be reproduced, historical pieces. Happy Bidding!

HS1. Minimum Bid =$30 each
One HS Tshirt @30

HS2. Minimum Bid = $50

HS3. Current Bid = $61

HS4. Minmium Bid = $50

HS5. Current Bid = $25

HS6. Current bid = $25

HS7. Current bid = $40

HS8. Minimum Bid = $50

HS9. Current Bid = $40

HS10. free with largest winning bids (while supplies last)

HS11. Minimum Bid = $60

HS12. Minimum Bid = $50

HS13. Minimum Bid = $50

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